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Customer service is really important to Waitrose, so they want to listen to the customer’s opinion and demand because this helps Waitrose keep offering the highest possible quality and service. If you would prefer to send a comment to the manager of the store you visited, you can through their feedback survey site (www.waitrose-experience.com)tell them your thoughts.

At this survey site, you can rate the overall customer service and staff by giving it stars or comment directly on the store you visited. The survey will take barely five minutes and will be a big contribution to Waitrose. After completing the Waitrose experience survey, you could be treating yourself to a month’s free shipping with a chance to win £500 in Waitrose vouchers.

How to participate in Waitrose experience survey?

1. Keep your receipt and go to www.waitrose-experience.com on your computer.

2. Select the type of invitation you received from your loacal store or online.

3. Enter the required information from your invitation and start the survey.

4. Then you will be asked to answer some general questions about your experience and click the “Next” button.

5. You’re also required to enter your Name, Telephone, and Email Address.

6. Click the Submit button.

Waitrose is a chain of British supermarkets. At Waitrose, they combine the convenience of a supermarket with the expertise and service of a specialist shop.Above all they take pride in the freshness and quality of their food.


  • I received excellent service today at John Lewis food hall

  • I received excellent service today, as always, when I did my food shopping in John Lewis food hall.

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  • As usual I received very good service at my little Waitrose store.

  • Had great service and help in both the cafe and food store at waitrose in Hereford yesterday afternoon

  • Mrs Sally DaSilva

    very good service at the checkout today

  • Excellent service

  • Mrs Pamela Pinner

    Yesterday my husband and I were welcomed by the staff in the butchery and fish department, helped with a new line, beef skirt and were given excellent service in the cafeteria. We are regular visitors as the atmosphere is so pleasant.

  • Could you move the menu cards to the entrance door so that we can check them out and buy ingredients with our shopping? At present you see the cards AFTER the checkout and to be honest I don’t want to haul my shopping back round if I am short of some ingredients. Think it would flow better and be helpful to us busy working shoppers. Other than that keep up the excellent standards and thank you!

    • My wife, Mrs Yvonne Harris is always so pleased with the excellent, knowledgeable and cheerful service she receives from Fernando on the meat and fish counters at St Brelades Store in Jersey. Well done Fernando.

      Leo Harris

  • i received very good service today

  • love shopping at waitrose ,so light& spaces,even my hubby likes going there.

  • rosebud faakerley

    I have been shopping in w
    Waitrose for 15 years the service has always been good but is now excellent and the prices are worth the taste of food.The food after being frizzed will still taste the same lie just puchased, I use Waitrose near home in holloway road and when ever I visit Join lewis in blue water and oxford circus the staff always have a pleasant approach by greeting and are polite always helpful especial when I have many bags to carry the always help to pack as to manage to carry them.

  • I cannot praise the standard of service I received today too highly. It makes the chore of shopping by an elderly male acceptable. This is typical of my regular visits to Waitrose. The friendly greeting and occasional banter, helpful attitude and willingness to go the extra mile are exceptional, not only in my local store, but also in other stores where I am only an occasional visitor.
    It is such a contrast to my rare visits to your competitors.

  • It would be invidious to single out any one individual as all the staff are so good.

  • I received exceptional at my waitrose store in Enfield

    I received exceptional service at my Waitrose store today in Enfield your food is always so tasty ! i can hardly wait to get home to prepare my foodfor the day +

  • I received exceptional service at my Waitrose store today in Enfield Your food is always so tasty – I can hardly wait to get home to prepare my food for the day

  • I received exception service at my Enfield store today – I could hardly wait to get home to prepare my meals for the day . The service was so good – and the free coffee was a bonus thankyou +++

  • Robert Renault De Vire

    very good service at Waitrose in Croydon (George Street)

  • I would lke to say that Vicky that works in the La Vallee Dea Vaux JERSEY is the most charming lady. She always asks how you are and all done with a smile.
    If she is working on a till that is the person I would go to.

  • Excellent service from Paul, the Wollaton Waitrose delivery man. He was charming and particularly helpful, since it was my first delivery from Waitrose. I shall certainly do all my online grocery shopping there in the future.

  • I was irritated that there was only one person on the till at Crouch End – although there were lots of self-service tills being used. This meant that several of us had to wait about 10 minutes to pay. Eventually two additional people came to staff the tills but the lady in front of me told me she was seriously worried about doing her Christmas shopping there.

  • I love going to Saltash waitrose, I always have a coffee and a strudel as it is a low calorie treat; Today I had a mozzerella panini, very nice,
    I wanted to know about the Artisan crockery set for my daughter as it was half price last time I came, because you can’t see it online I wasn’t able to show my daughter what it looked like .
    I asked about the price and the lovely young girls were very sweet and explained it was reduced for the students.
    I always feel the quality is very good, and the atmosphere is just perfect.
    We did pray waitrose would come to Tavistock. Sadly not, so its any excuse for a visit.

  • Extremely helpful isle staff in the Abingdon Waitrose also great little coffee shop now opened,Wonderful.

  • Excellent service . Assistants are so polite and always willing to help.

  • Waitrose service and quality is the best among the superstores and staff are always pleasant and helpful.

  • First time been waitrose excellent value . Well mannered staff. Worth the 12 mile to get to store

  • Dominic at the Welcome Desk was exceptionally helpful and efficient at his job and I would recommend him to be considered for future promotion

  • Service received today was fantastic. I had forgotten my parking ticket. Left it in the car. Your lady 1157 gave me a money back anyway. That is brilliant service. Thank her again for me will you.

  • Rita Cummings of the waitrose staff went out of her way to assist me to find

    the product I required this morning at the waitrose branch in North Walsham.

    It is always a delight to shop for the necessaries in such a delightful atmosphere.

  • Very good service and excellent staff in Waitrose Barbican

  • Alzbeta Jehlickova

    Very good service and excellent staff in Waitrose in Cobham

  • Today I had a lovely surprise at Waitrose. Because they didn’t have the magazine I wanted, the one I chose instead was given to me free as a goodwill gesture. It was worth £3.99. That really made my day. Thank you Waitrose.

  • Service at till and very helpful young lady stationed at the entrance table who helped with taking my shopping to my car were the icing on the cake for my Christmas shopping at Weston-super-Mare yesterday

  • Surprised to get home and on perusing the receipt see that the expected discounts on Yeo Yogurt Natural not reflected in the price – is the price displayed already discounted rather than it being taken off that displayed?

  • Notice I was charged for an extra fresh vanilla custard Tub – annoying!!!! I bought 3 – got charged for 4. East Putney Station Waitrose!

  • was very well looked after at the Caversham branch recently when I was feeling unwell. A very kind young assistant came to the rescue, offering First Aid and providing water While I recovered.
    She organised help with my shopping to the car.
    Kind and calm- the training and top staff shines through!

  • feeling a bit chilly and glum today – i went to Waitrose for some routine shopping- but all went well and was very much cheered by the friendly and helpful service i recieved– thanks again. !!!!

  • one additional thing to ask- PLEASE bring back the CHICKEN sausages we enjoyed before christmas- but none seen at Raynes Park, coombe lane since- our family only like this kind!!!!!!!. crhistin w.

  • Mr Rodney A E Clough

    Daphne (1052) i in Customer Services is always so helpful and friendly, where nothing is too much trouble. My wife, Sandra and I feel she is an asset to Waitrose, as any good employee should be.
    Good employers deserve good employees.

  • On my shophing on the 7/2/16 I purchase 4 items for my own diet as I had a operation on6/10/15 for cancer.as a got no teeth left I purchase ll.chickensoup+ll b/wb rice+ll s/qrice+duchy mushroon soup and it is perfect for my intake of fibre,veg,dairy ect….superb if you can not eating spicy,salty,sour ect…work 100% and it’s nice many more of you store got news produce that suite my and I want to pass the mesage for other people who got food issue
    TRY IT great

  • Silver Lady Surrey

    In 2015 my regular Dishcloths were discontinued. I complained in the Horsham Waitrose. I was given a free pack of a new item. I did not like them, too gaudy, and wrote a letter back stating this.
    In November i received a letter from Customer Services with a Voucher to try a different and newer product. I bought some, used them and found i quite liked them. Therefore i am one happy customer and am grateful to shop in a store that actually cares about its customers. I have written back to Customer Services to this effect.

  • Our visit to Waitrose at Waterlooville is a complete joy. The staff from the checkout, the kiosk, and especcialy the coffee shop, I have never known such a happy pleasant group of boys and girls who make our coffee visits so enjoyable.
    Also if you ever have to ask any member of staff where anything is,its the only shop where they are only too happy to take you and show you.
    On a finer point, shopping for food is a bonus because of your special offers make it a all round good shopping experience. Thankyou Waitrose.

  • Always a pleasure to shop in Newport Waitrose. I use the quick check system which allows me to make my shop more quickly. K

  • Waitrose is my best supermarket but after today and recent visit to the shop, I find not anymore. I went to fish section, wish to buy a whole sea bass , ask whether she can clean, scale and gutted,she replied is not that I cannot do , is just that I do not want to clean, why don’t you buy fillet instead. It is ridiculous, if you have a whole fish to sell and do not not cleaning service then specified and not humilate the customer. May as well tell the customer to go other supermarket.

    Staff in Gerrard Cross on the whole is not friendly and helpful , looks like they are the only supermarket , unacceptable attitude towards customers.

    I am very disappointed, this is for your benefit, I have many choices to do my shopping.

  • Pedro Alfonso Beltran

    I received excellente service yesterday as always,when I did my shopping in waitrose
    at Battersea Nine Elms,happy Easter.

  • Pedro Alfonso Beltran

    I received an excellente service yesterday as always,when I did my shopping at Waitrose Battersea Nine Elms,Happy Easter,

  • As usual, all I needed plus many good offers. I value the “my choice” scheme as it gives more incentive to buy favourite foods, etc. Checkout assistant very friendly and helped to pack as I was struggling after recent surgery. Welcome cup of coffee to end the shop. Thank you Waitrose.

  • Fulham Branch, never a good experience due to the parking kiosk attendant, like going through customs. Quite often have to make two visits due to stock being short, if you have failed to spend £20 , attendant should learn some manners. Re Staff, pointed out to a manager that Rachel’s rice is now made in France and not in Wales, was told rather shortly take it up with Rachel, I bought the product when it first came out because it was a Welsh product. The Fulham Palace Road Branch are always friendly and helpful, but they are a small branch, loath going to the Fulham branch due to the parking attendant, No doubt agency , and not your own staff. The beech Farm Ginger Ice cream I purchased today failed to have the usual syrup topping , was just creamy white.

  • Every shopping experiences are always excellent!

  • After many years of shopping at Waitrose I am seeing a massive reduction in both service & quality. Especially the short expiry dates on fresh produce are totally unacceptable. I have reported this on several occasions but to no avail. There is no longer the point of difference between Waitress and other stores other than higher prices.

  • A very pleasant lady served me today at your Brackley store,,,,,,,,,,, always a bonus on a cold Monday morning!!

  • Always an excellent experience shopping at waitrose.Staff always happy to help.

  • Don’t shop at Waitrose every week but find it a pleasant experience when I do.
    Staff are polite,friendly and helpful when needed.
    Served by Martin today who was very pleasant to talk to as was the supervisor who came to sort out a problem with the card terminal.

  • very good service at Waitrose in Rynespark.

  • Elizabeth Eyre

    Great wrapping service – please keep this facility going but advise customers of wait times . This will be very important at Xmas

  • I am extremely upset that you have your steak discount day on Saturday your busiest day. When I go in on Sunday for my weekly shop and to buy my Sunday steak there is always a shortage. This week there was ONLY fillet steak available so I had to buy that. I normally have dry aged sirloin or ordinary sirloin and I like to buy my Sunday meal fresh.
    I think Saturday when most people shop is completely the wrong day to have any specials as it leaves very little for your Sunday shoppers. If you dont want Sunday shoppers then dont open that day.

  • I have been delighted with Waitrose since I have been shopping there. Quality goods and delightful staff, who go out of their way to help. Shopping has become quite a pleasure

  • MRS J V A Webb

    23/05/2016 120 001 1082 310858 I was served today by Margaret who was exceedingly pleasant, efficient and helpful as usual. I am always pleased when I find she is on duty and hasn’t too large a queue of people with large baskets at her till. I am always cheered by my quite frequent visits to Waitrose, in fact |I am a very satisfied customer! Keep up the good work………..

  • I was served by Caluin in the Stroud store today and I am always pleased to say that he is the most pleasant and cheerful partner in the store. I hope he is well rewarded for his service to you and us the customer.

  • it was very good service by waitrose. keep it up


    Excellent and prompt service. All staff very willing and extremely helpful, a rare commodity this day and age


  • quality shop and quality service.thankyou.

  • Staff are always helpful but my shopping experience is never quite 100%. WHY?

    Because I cannot see the overhead displays which are abysmal – they are small and almost invisible against the light. They should be bigger – Black on White and illuminated. I have complained to the store manager about them – he tells me they are standard throughout your stores.
    But I like shopping at Waitrose because you never play music and one can think better without the background noise that some stores inflict upon us.

  • Sheenagh Maxwell

    Shopping at Waitrose gets better everytime I go there,helpful staff and always has everything I need. I am never disappointed.Thank you for making shopping a delight.

  • I have been a regular customer at your Lincoln branch since it opened and have always enjoyed my shopping experience. I must admit I don’t find it necessary to visit any other supermarket as I find your offers extremely good. The staff are all very friendly and helpful and will always take you to a product if you can’t find it. I am so pleased you came to Lincoln all we need now is a John Lewis! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to comment.

  • I’ve been visiting Waitrose in Beckenham for a few years now and have enjoyed shopping there more than any other shop. I can usually find what I need without going up and down isles and there is always a friendly partner to ask if needed. It’s good to feel that each customer is valued and treated with respect. Well done and thank yo to all at the Beckenham store!

  • My husband who is partially sighted went to waitrose for me they were so helpful took him around the shop and chose the food for him . Thank you I might send him again

  • Always gr8 service, gr8 people, especially little Margaret at Waitrose in Maidenhead – always has a smile on her face :o))

  • Great smiles and service daily from little Margaret at waitrose maidenhead :o))

  • Had great service today as always from Oliver on Deli counter .

  • Jo who does the reductions is always very helpful and has a lovely smile .

  • Dave the security manager is more than helpful and is always in a happy mood .

  • My singing partner Pat Biggs makes me smile every time I see her ,we always have a little sing .
    I look forward to seeing her almost every day ,she brightens up a gloomy day and puts a smile on peoples faces .

  • If your groceries come from Waitrose whether it is food or any other product I am totally relaxed and confident that I have paid for the best in quality and value..An added bonus is the care and attention of all the partners.

  • Very good service received when I paid for my items and was asked if I need help in packing my bag. [I said no thank you I can manage.]

  • where I find staff very helpful and pleasant my only minus is availability. i shop every Thursday a.m. and usually find the fresh fruit and veg. plus other departments out of provisions i have tried other days and had the same problem. as i have visitors most week-ends i find this frustrating as it means i have to go shopping elsewhere i hope this matter can be addressed as i do think waitrose is the best store around

  • Really good service and polite

  • I do 90% of my shopping in Waitrose Wellington & find the staff on the floor very helpful I use quick check but get entirely frustrated by the checkouts I prefer to pay cash but I am forced to consider paying by card . The lady in charge of the checkouts was very rude & suggested I did not do my shopping on a Saturday !! surely more staff should be available on a Saturday as it is always busy.

  • Iliana Vodenicharova

    Very good service received, best promotions!

  • My wife and I shop almost daily at Waitrose,Canterbury and use the café for coffee etc. The café staff are always so helpful and friendly , in particular Sarah and Richard.They go out of their way to please customers.They are true ambassadors for the company.

  • Just started shopping at our local store in locksheath. Great place and excellent good quality food. We are trying to improve our diets and have found that Waitrose has all we need to do that.
    The staff are very friendly and helpful which makes us feel very welcome and looked after
    You have won us over.

  • It was good to to find the seville oranges for making marmalade in store,every January

    we know that we find them in our Waitrose store along with all our other shopping.

    We always find excellent service no matter what time of day we shop very good.

  • Very good service today at Waitrose in Burnt Ash today as it always is

  • I bought my item on line at John Lewis before 8pm and collected it the following day at 2pm from Waitrose in Banstead. John Lewis txt me and sent me an email, to say my parcel was ready to pick up at 12.15pm. Thank you to all those staff for such a wonderful service. Well done, it’s much appreciated.

  • mrs delia smith

    Popped into Waitrose, Haslemere, Surrey early on Saturday morning, and, as always found exactly the deserts wanted for a special event, went to pay, and the lady on the checkout was charming, efficient and offered me a free cup of coffee – good start to the day. Excellent.

  • Alixe Bainbridge-Spring

    I have been trying to get onto the customer survey in the hope of winning £500. I keep being directed to alternative sites and having some unwanted software trying to take over how I access my e-mails. I am going to give up and do something useful.
    No complaints about the Hertford store – staff are always friendly and helpful. Plans to shut it are a tragedy for me since I don’t drive for medical reasons.

  • I usually receive excellent customer service at Waitrose.Yesterday I was served at the checkout by an unsmiling woman who did not look at me once as she served me.I found this to be very rude.

  • Have a great service today, as always at Waitrose Hythe.

  • i love the stores i love the food and the coffe shope.
    iam disabled and the shop makes me feel so good thank you

  • I did my shopping at Waitrose, hall Green, Birmingham today 12 May 17 sat down to drink my tea. Left store with one bag ,thinking my husband had 2nd bag. Arrived home to find I hadn’t got all the shopping I had bought.
    Suddenly realising I must have left my shopping bag in store. Telephoned store with description of bag and yes they had found it.
    The folk I spoke to couldn’t have been more helpful, including the security man.
    I had bought ice cream and meat, which had been put into fridge until I collected goods. Thankyou Waitrose, you are a quality store including your staff.

  • My TV was purchased from Waitrose and the receipt listed John Lewis as contact. Oh dear the service I had from John Lewis was terrible, to replace a TV under warranty to start the engineer booked could not attend, he had a funeral JLP never informed me when I contacted engineer he came in his own time at 8pm to collect set. a succession of calls to John Lewis resulted in a variety of conflicting information, they were fully aware of facts as I had receipt in front of me and gave all data. One week later and totally frustrated as my wife had been rushed into hospital, On 13 may I went to the Waitrose store at Rushden within 15 minutes I had the replacement TV in my car, what delightful understanding and efficient team they were, I forget the Lady managers name who came to my rescue but madam you and your team are wonderful and I am eternally grateful to you . five plus stars.. thank you Roger Warren. John Lewis hang your head in shame !!!!!

  • Today (1st June) visited your St. Saviour Store, Jersey. Service , as usual was great, and checkout attendant was also, as usual, very helpful, cheerful, and concerned about my partner who is in a Care Home with Alzheimer’s. Always enjoy the lovely warm coffee provided at the Store.

    myWautrose Card************8400

  • Michael Lanzer

    My preferred weekly shopping is Waitrose in Hersham – good quality vegitables, excellent fish counter and poultry selection. There is also very good choice in most of the items on offer.
    The wine selection is good with extensive special offers on items such as gin and whisky.
    Friendly service and most of the time little queing to compplete shopping.

  • I visited Waitrose in Frimley last week. I was looking for two items and was unable to find either in the store. I went to the customer service desk and was assisted by Billy who went to great lengths to help me, he managed to find both items was extremely professional and polite and walked me to each of my missing items. I did speak to the store manager at the time but also wanted to comment here. Thank you Billy

  • My only problem where I think something could be done better is when an item does not scan. Other supermarkets either input the bar code by hand or get another item the same and put that through the till,but in Waitrose it is shown on the bill as Main,which makes checking the bill so much more difficult, especially when as I did you have 36 items,mostly of similar price.

  • We was impressed with our first visit thank you (coffee was good )so plus all round .

  • Hilary Turnbull

    Are you planning on closing your Gillingham, Dorset store?

    Your website is as frustrating as the lack of stock control in your Gillingham, Dorset store.

    There were more trolleys in the car park than outside the store. Limited choice of flowers, depressingly unimaginative sandwiches. Hardly any soft fruit and fresh vegetables. Courgettes like marrows. Limited salads, and sliced bread. I bought the last 2 pints semi skimmed milk. Limited choice of loo rolls. No cotton pads for make up removal for weeks. All basic stock. I could go on. Your checkout partners bear the brunt of customer irritation, the lady who had the misfortune to serve me was charming (I did apologise to her) and urged me to write with my complaint.

  • I have shopped at Waitrose since it opened in helensburgh. I enjoy the whole experience, the produce is always fresh and in date ,the prices are very competitive
    with other stores in the area including near by dumbarton ( 6 miles away)
    all staff could not be more helpful and have a pleasant attitude and manner.
    I always recommend the store to my friends and family members too.

  • We have shopped at your Thatcham store since it opened and used to be happy to do so. Recently I have found that the service has deteriorated. Self service tills are not easy to operate as there is insufficient room to put baskets ,bags and merchandise. Having walked round and chosen products, I would like help to pack and pay. I tried to find cheap kitchen rolls yesterday ,but the shelf price is not what I paid. We need more of your helpful staff.

  • Dr Ong Chong Yew

    Thanks for your vouchers to save some fee in my shopping spree,
    And your friendly and efficient service, not forgetting your refreshing coffee!

  • Clean, spacious and well organised. Lovely store.

  • I had good service at waitrose Nailsea today. I need to get pillows off the self snd asked the staff called Gerry to help knew getothe pillows off and she did.
    At the till Adam who served me was very good.
    I enjoy Nailsea waitrose snd all the staff are friendly and helpfully.that.

  • always very fresh vegetable,very excellent customer services!!!
    thank you to waitrose !!1

  • verry good services!!!!

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