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Enjoy any food or beverage item in Zizzi restaurant. Receive a receipt. On the bottom of the receipt it should say: LET US KOWN WHAT YOU THINK AT WWW.TELLZIZZI.CO.UK OR CALL TOLL FREE 0800 – *** – **** FOR THE CHANCE TO WIN £1,000. Aha, try your luck! You can now go to www.tellzizzi.co.uk and spend a few minutes to finish a questionnaire about your last visit. At end of this survey you will receive a £5 voucher code via email and be entered into the daily draw with the chance to win £1,000.

Your local Zizzi restaurant would love your support. They are always keen to get your feedback and opinions, because that would help them to better serve you. Give your feedback now!

How we can participate in The Zizzi’s customer survey?

1. Visit www.tellzizzi.co.uk on your computer.

2. Enter the 12-digit survey code from your Zizzi receipt in the box provided and click enter.

3. Answer a series of survey questions and let them know how your trip was.

4. By sending feedback, you are automatically entered in the prize draw.

If you have any problems of any kind with the survey, you can read the TERMS & CONDITIONS listed on the bottom of the survey page.

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  • We had a really nice dinner with my friend,the food its amazing service was quick the waiters are really helpful he’s name Umberto.

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