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If you’ve recently visited The Kay Jewelers,or Kay Outlet, then they would love to know how they are doing. Your feedback helps them to keep improving and give you the perfect Kay Jewelers experience.Why not take their guest satisfaction survey and rate your experience? If so,fill out the Online Feedback Form at

At this survey site that allows you to post your opinions about the services your received during this Kay Jewelers visit and answer some questions about your experience. When you complete this short survey you can enter their prize draw. Winers will win a $1,000 Kay Jewelers gift card in a monthly prize draw.

How we can participate in the Kay Jewelers survey?

1.Keep your Payless receipt and go to on your computer.

2.See the sweepstakes rules before you start the survey.

3.Enter the 11-digit ID code printed on your receipt, select your actual age.

4.Then you will be asked to answer some general questions about your experience and click the “Next” button

5.If you would like to be entered into the Sweepstakes,enter your contact information, including your name and email address.

Kay Jewelers is the #1 specialty jewelry brand in the United States. They are fully committed to providing a superior shopping experience – both in our stores and online.


  • Stephen Dennison

    Great experience !

  • wonderful sales lady! nice visit and beautiful purchase.

  • great sales lady!!! wonderful purchase.

  • excelente servicio en la tienda y muy buenos precios mejores que en la competencia.

  • I love Kay’s Jeweler’s. Beautiful pieces, great service. Beautiful stores. I don’t shop anywhere else for my jewelry. I just love, love, love it!!

  • Store number 5912 staff members SHAHNAZ very good staff

  • Great sales force ,and easy credit appl. program. Good prices on beautiful jewelry ,and a payment plan that rival the competition .

  • james alcayde.junior

    I love my kays.. Brittney n the ladies there are so helpful and very honest and polite.. thank you..

  • Sue Laflesh Brodeur

    I had an extra great experience at Kay’s ,the manager and assistant manager took extra time with me for my service. I brought in a black onyx gold ring with a diamond in center of it. Was appraised at at least $900 in 2 different places,same at Kay’s. Now the rectangular stone was rectangular and very loose which needed 8 prongs to be fixed(2 on each of the 4 sides ,plus I needed to have the ring sized from a 6or7 to a 9, he gave me an estimate when I brought it in ,and when I went in today to your store in Massena ,n.y. I had a very good estimate given. And was given the privilege of layaway which will not take very long to get out. I have bought a watch there and years ago when it was Beldens I bought an oval blue sapphire ring with diamonds all around it in yellowgold and have always had great service. It is a pleasure to shop there.

  • Kay Jewelers in San Angelo, Tx is a great place to shop. The staff is very friendly and helpful for us in making our purchase. Thank you.

  • prabakaran kanagarasu

    first time we came with my friends , we r plan to buy ladies hand bag for my girlfriend ,suddenly we enter into KAY JEWELERS we saw the diamond its was amazing later we change our mind and we purchase the diamond i love it . MS.bell was carring and suggest as to buy the diamond ,my girl friend got surprised and see love it thanks for that KAY JEWELERS.

  • Great place to shop, good, nice salespeople and beautiful store and merchandise.

    I bought a ladies Bulova watch. It’s beautiful and so far keeps perfect time. I’m very happy with my experience in Kay’s and my beautiful new watch.


  • magnolitha pierre

    my first experience is so good whit kay i love kay so much thanks God

  • Sales Lady was so nice and helpful just Love all the Jewelery they have.

  • kristine guardino

    Great experience! Friendly and absolutely willing to please the customer. Beautiful merchandise too!

  • Guillermo Martinez

    Always have a wonderful experience when ever me and my wife shop at kays we love it.

  • Purchased A Heart Necklace with opal and pink sapphire for my wife from Kay Jewelers for Valentines Day after only wearing the necklace only a few times, the chain broke. Much to our surprise I could have purchased a new sterling silver chain for the cost of repairs. If one of the chains on any of her necklaces breaks again. I will forgo any repairs and just replace the chain.


  • She was ready helpfull thanks

  • Went to Kay’s at light house place outlet in Michigan city. The sales lady Amy was extremely helpful. She strove to make my visit very enjoyable and was very helpful in guiding me to make the best choice. She answered all my questions. I didn’t feel rushed or pressured at all. Great experience over all.
    Thanks Amy.

  • The clasp broke on my pearl necklace. I took it to Kay Jewelers and discovered it had to be sent to another location for repair. The salesperson looked up the cost and charged me $69. A week and a half later another salesperson called and said for a broken clasp, the necklace would have to be restrung and the cost would be $269. When they called a week later and said it was finished, I went in to pick it up. The new knots between each pearl were HUGE and loose. My 18″ necklace was now 19″!!! I am very disappointed by the service and quality of Kay Jewelers and will not return.

  • Nice offer and nice people in the store

  • I love going to Kay’s. They help me save money every time. I always have time and I always leave with what I want. Thanks Kay’s Puyallup South Hill.

  • Had a wonderful visit as always. Good people with good attitude.


  • Rose Starr Ingram

    The lady’s at the Mt. Vernon IL store are AWESOME! Thank you so much for your help today!!!

  • Charles E. Carrouthers

    I was very satisfied with my visit. Everything was excellent!

  • The lady I worked with was very kind understanding, respectful and helpful. I’ll definitely come back here again.

  • I was very satisfied with my visit. Sales person was very helpful and friendly.

  • Catherine Quiner

    They knew just what I was looking for and saved me money. Wonderful experience!! Can’t get much better than that. The two ladies at the store were great. I didn’t feel pressured to buy something and left feeling great.

    Thanks so much

  • I was very satisfied, they were very helpful and I’m definitely coming back

  • Josefina Rodriguez

    They understand us really well. Also, they were fast to receive us and explained clearly. The advantage about the jewelry. I would defenetly come back. Also, recommend to my family
    and friends

  • enter 114-625-557-53 id code

  • Tammie L Perkins

    These are wonderful people

  • marilyn willison

    love this store !! associates are very friendly and helpful! would appreciate it if they carried longer charmed memory bracelets with heart clasps. love the charms. rings are pretty too. love to shop there.

  • Phyllis G. DeFelice

    I was at Kay,s Jewelers and the girl that help me was so nice, and been going to Kays for years,and they are very nice people. P.D.

  • had a good experience i dont have much to say about kays cause this was the first time anyone purchased anything their for me.

  • florencio salcido

    I always have a good day after leaving Kay’s I’m greeted and treated with respect and smiles they always have the answer and product there prompt and easy going no matter what I give them a 15 on a scale of 1 to 10

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  • the person who help me was very nice and friendly..Very excellent service..

  • very nice service..

  • nice service

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